Shopping malls could get a lot of information about the following:

  • For how long people stay in the shopping mall overall and its’ different areas or stores.
  • What is the synergy of stores inside the mall?
  • Where to put indoor ads more effectively?
  • Which days or which campaigns bring more loyal, returning visitors?

The only fast and effective way to understand a loyalty to the shopping mall is wifi-analytics: system remembers MAC addresses of once visited the shopping mall, and can work as a “virtual loyalty” program, indicating a portion of loyal, returning visitors at any period of time, making RF-analysis, cohort analytics and many more. This comes at costs not even comparable with an implementation of usual CRM system or loyalty programs.

Analytical abilities are really endless: it is possible to get a good argument while talking to tenants about the people flow in the certain part of the shopping mall; it is possible to see if there is an audience cannibalization between closely located shopping malls, and many more.

System is widely used by marketing, business development, rental, retail, HR, and some other players inside shopping malls organizations.

Actual system implementation takes minutes and hours, and not months and years – it is very close to a simple plug-n-play: after the sensor is installed and calibrated, the full analytics is available next morning via any browser.

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