Tallinn, Estonia: Capfield has recently installed a new generation shopper analytics system in to their shopping centres, Lasnamäe Centrum and Norde Centrum. This system is the first of its kind to be installed in to a shopping centre in Estonia.

The analytics system measures Wi-Fi signals from shopper's smartphones when they are at the Centre. These signals provide data on where shoppers dwell, for how long, what routes they choose to take and whether or not they are a returning customer. It can detect all consumer devices that are Wi-Fi enabled within the Centres.

"Shopper analytics is a key growth area for next generation malls and we are proud to be the first in Tallinn to implement this technology in to our Centres" says Ruben Gornischeff, Member of the Board, Capfield. "Having this wealth of data helps us to understand who chooses to shop in our Centres and how we can improve their shopping experience with us."

Online retailers have for a good while used software to get accurate data on shopper behavior and this system allows brick-and-mortar Centres to also understand its shoppers. This unique data also includes typically difficult to track statistics such as which areas in your Centre are attracting the most shoppers, when are the busiest hours and if you are making full advantage of them. To ensure accuracy within the data, there are parameters built in to the system to exclude those working in the mall so that the data provided is only based on our visitors and shoppers. The knowledge we will gather from this will further improve the customer experience and level of satisfaction with our Centres.

"Wi-Fi analytics is a powerful business intelligence tool that shows where a retailer or shopping center can increase its effectiveness through layout, marketing, advertising and store efficiency" says Arvo Juhkov, Member of the Board, Retail Instruments.

The analytics provide business intelligence that not only help with how to manage your Centre today but how you adapt to the market of tomorrow. “We have exciting plans to increase the gross leasable area at Norde Centrum by almost 50% in the next two years and we will be looking to the data gathered from these analytics to show us what would be the best layout and tenant mix to match the expectations of our shoppers and retailers” states Ruben Gornischeff.

About Capfield

Capfield is owner and developer of shopping centres in Estonia. The Capfield portfolio consists of six retail centres in Estonia with a gross leasable area (GLA) in excess of 75,000m2 as well as various land plots scheduled for development. The Capfield portfolio is one of the largest retail portfolios in Estonia with coveted city center and suburban locations. Major anchor tenants represent an impressive 65% of the portfolio’s GLA and include well-known local and international brands such as Bauhaus, Maxima, Prisma, Rimi, Selver, SportsDirect, Baltika Fashion Chains, Denim Dream, Jysk, Euronics and Apollo book stores.

About Retail Instruments

Retail Instruments is a Tallinn-based company that promotes own innovative decision support system. Retail Instruments provides actionable insights into brick-and-mortar retail consumers' behavior and loyalty, based on mobile phones Wi-Fi signals analytics. Retail Instruments complies with all privacy related regulations and there is no collection of anything beyond devices' anonymous MAC-address. Moreover, even the MAC-address is not transmitted in the open form: the analytical engine works with 'hashed' MAC-addresses received from the sensors placed in the shopping mall, and presents fully aggregated data.

Retail Instruments team would be glad to share our experience in retail industry and to tell more about what and how we do, so please do not hesitate to contact us!