Client: Yota (mobile operator) – first successful MVNO in Russia.
Concerns: Heavy marketing expenses, sound expenses on promoters. Need to expand extremely fast.
Result: 42% sales growth is selected stores.

Yota has a retail chain of 100+ stores of an ‘isle’ format, which causes a lot of specifics to the overall sales process and customer acquisition. “Retail Instruments” allowed not only to count a people flow near the stores, but also to define stores that are most promising from the footfall point of view, and choose the most effective hours for every store to employ promoters and activate large digital screens in the selected shopping malls. After Retail Instruments recommendations were implemented, immediate impact was clearly encountered in all stores, resulting in sales growth. Selected stores demonstrated amazing 42% sales growth. (see video by Yota CEO on YouTube )

Client: Cosmetics Retailer - Large international brand name.
Concerns: Totally different sales in similar stores; ineffectiveness of window displays.
Result: sales personnel issues resolved; 8% capture rate growth.

Our Client, international Cosmetics Retailer, was eager to understand in store consumer behavior, since existing BI tools were not able to answer new challenges. In several stores, Retail Instruments has clearly demonstrated a difference of average time that people spend in these stores, and after gathering analytics for several weeks, it was without a doubt caused by one of the working shifts with less qualified personnel. Additional personnel training and partial replacement of personnel had measurable results, impacting in higher dwell time and higher sales. As the second challenge, this Retailer was experimenting a lot with different window displays but only with Retail Instruments it was possible to create some best practices that resulted in a 8% capture rate (window conversion) growth.

Client: Coffee and Fast Food - Large international brand name.
Concerns: Unknown traffic around cafes; audience cannibalization between closely located ones.
Result: traffic around cafes measured; cannibalization between closely located cafes found.

Our Client, well-known international Coffee and Fast Food chain, at some point of time encountered sales and number of visits decline with no visible reasons. Retail Instruments actually could measure and analyze an audience of not only those who visit cafes, but also those who just walk around, i.e. potential visitors. Installing and running Retail Instruments for several months clearly demonstrated that for several cafes there is an audience cannibalization, and that this chain had too dense locations, too close one to another. After thorough analysis our Client has decided to close several of these cafes, based on our recommendations.

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