The Retail Instrument's solution can effectively support the Airport commercial and operation activities providing unique data on passenger behavior patterns. Using the WIFI analytics, the Airport management can easily and quickly get information about performance of retail stores and F&B facilities; footfall and dwell time of passengers in each zone of the airport and act as a communication tool sending tailor-made marketing offers.

Airport Commercial Activity:

  • Simple tool for tracking the number of people visited (entered) different stores and restaurants
  • Time spent in stores and restaurants
  • Measurable effectiveness of advertising
  • The effectiveness of layout in shops
  • The synergy between all Airport's zones (used for cross promotion)
  • Audience pass ability in different zones (used for the rent rates)
  • Direct communication with returning passengers/frequent flyers

Airport Operation Management:

  • Real- time passengers flow monitoring. Used for resource optimization and planning, KPI for operational staff and passenger service quality optimization.
  • Time spent in different airport zones (check-in, security check, shopping area, departure zone). Monitor the effect of changes (if there is reconstruction, new navigation system and etc.)

Real–time communication tool:

  • Real-time communication service with the passenger in different airport zones (check-in, security check, departure, parking area)
  • Marketing campaigns (messages with special offers)
  • Right-time push notifications using app and SMS technologies
  • Online surveys
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