Retail Instruments promotes own innovative decision support system that provides actionable insights into brick-and-mortar retail consumers’ behavior and loyalty based on mobile phones Wi-Fi signals analytics thus allowing making informed management decisions.

Retail Instruments provides a complete set of analytics required to promptly assess overall stores effectiveness and take actions aimed to increase effectiveness of several extremely important areas: store personnel, merchandise, store layout design, window design, external marketing campaigns, and even loyalty-related issues.


There are several main things retailers could gain an insight about:

  • Dwell time is a base to make conclusions of personnel effectiveness and merchandise efficacy.
  • Capture rate (proportion between visitors and all people flow around the store) is the only unprejudiced measure of marketing campaigns effectiveness.
  • Dynamics of the people flow outside the store- gives a lot of room to adjust local marketing campaigns and to make them much more effective than before, adjust store opening hours, and many more.
  • Loyalty-related issues: since system remembers MAC addresses (anonymously) of once visited the store, WiFi-analytics can even work as a “virtual loyalty” program, indicating a portion of loyal, returning visitors at any period of time, making RF-analysis, cohort analytics and many more.

Those mentioned above are actually the new “dimensions” that allow retailer to use an in-depth multi-dimensional analysis of every store, and use our tool to promptly increase stores effectiveness.


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