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How it works

We measure anonymous WiFi-signals (probe requests) from visitors' smartphones, and as per behavior of these devices retailers are enabled to make conclusions that aim to increase effectiveness of store personnel, merchandise, store layout design, window design, external marketing campaigns, and even loyalty-related issues.

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Our sensors track WiFi-enabled devices inside and nearby your venue. Our system does not violate any of privacy related regulations – it does not really "see" anything beyond anonymous MAC-address of the device. Moreover, even the MAC-address is not transmitted in the open form: the analytical engine in the cloud works with hashed MAC-addresses received from the sensors that we place in the stores, and presents fully aggregated data.



"Measured parameters" are not important; understanding of how to make a conclusions based on these parameters is vital.

There are several main things retailers could gain an insight about: dwell time is a base to make conclusions of personnel effectiveness and merchandise efficacy, capture rate (proportion between visitors and all people flow around the store) is the only unprejudiced measure of marketing campaigns effectiveness. Dynamics of the people flow outside the store gives a possibility to adjust local marketing campaigns and to make them much more effective than before, adjust store opening hours, and many more. Since system remembers MAC addresses of those once visited the store, WiFi-analytics can even work as a "virtual loyalty" program, indicating a portion of loyal, returning visitors at any period of time, making RF-analysis, cohort analytics and many more.

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